Hood Politics – EBOOK

Hood Politics – EBOOK


Rocky and Antoine, a pair of hard-boiled homicide detectives who grew up on the rough streets of Philadelphia, are assigned to investigate the shooting death of a mid-level drug-dealer in North Philadelphia. A hard-working single young mother named Yolanda, unwittingly witnesses the murder and finds herself thrust head-first into a real-life crime-drama.

When Yolanda reveals details about what she saw, the woman unknowingly sparks an investigation which threatens to rock the city’s political structure to its core. Multiple investigations are launched, loyalty is tested, the department is divided, families are torn apart and several people are slain in cold bold. It’s politics as usual. Who will be left standing when the smoke clears? There’s only one way to find out…Read “Hood Politics” a gritty, all-too-real crime-novel by Jermaine Crews and J. Cerrone!

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