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Rocky and Antoine, a pair of hard-boiled homicide detectives who grew up on the rough streets of Philadelphia, are assigned to investigate the shooting death of a mid-level drug-dealer in North Philadelphia. A hard-working single young mother named Yolanda, unwittingly witnesses the murder and finds herself thrust head-first into a real-life crime-drama.

When Yolanda reveals details about what she saw, the woman unknowingly sparks an investigation which threatens to rock the city’s political structure to its core. Multiple investigations are launched, loyalty is tested, the department is divided, families are torn apart and several people are slain in cold bold. It’s politics as usual. Who will be left standing when the smoke clears? There’s only one way to find out…Read “Hood Politics” a gritty, all-too-real crime-novel by Jermaine Crews and J. Cerrone!

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What could go wrong for Yolanda, a young, hard-working single mother out on her first date in ages? Except for witnessing a gruesome murder of a young black drug dealer on the streets of North Philadelphia. Rocky and Antoine, two homicide detectives, are assigned the case and soon find themselves investigating more than just a homicide or a regular turf war. With crucial witness data unknowingly revealed by Yolanda, the crime drama takes a turn towards threatening the very foundation of the city’s political structure. But this is just the beginning.

With a kill-or-die situation at every turn, this one should top your list of books to read. What will it cost to reach the end? The line between good and evil is blurred in this dystopian drama as multiple investigations are launched, and the case finds connections within the police staff. The department divides into warring factions, while black men are slain in cold blood on both sides of the conflict. There are vicious schemes, politics, guns, friends, enemies, and murders, all unfolding as one of the best African American fiction books takes you on a wild ride through the underworld of the North Philadelphia region.

Get ready to sink your teeth into the first series of these real-life crime drama books online. This book can be availed as an eBook, softcover, or as a bundle with its second series.


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1 review for Hood Politics – EBOOK

  1. Audra Russell

    Black men being gunned down mercilessly in the streets. It’s always chalked up to turf wars, street violence. But can the murders happening be explained away as turf wars? Or is there something much more sinister at play?

    A twisted tale of bad cops mistaken for good, good cops mistaken for bad, and a nefarious scheme of corruption that reaches all the way to the governor’s office.

    It’s just another day of killing black men for crooked cop Dick and his crew.
    It’s another instance of good cops gone bad for Internal Affairs officers Nikki and Bathsheba.
    It’s a dangerous game of exposing dirty cops for detectives Antoine and Rocky, who aren’t exactly squeaky clean.

    It’s life in the streets.
    It’s every man for himself.
    It’s kill or be killed.

    A quick, juicy novella that will keep you turning pages until the very end!

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