Hood Politics II - eBook

Hood Politics II – EBOOK


Continue the story with Rocky and Antoine, a pair of hard-boiled homicide detectives who grew up on the rough streets of Philadelphia, are assigned to investigate the shooting death of a mid-level drug-dealer in North Philadelphia.

It’s politics as usual, but who will be left standing when the smoke clears? Here’s part two of the Hood Politics saga, a gritty, all-too-real crime-novel by Jermaine Crews and J. Cerrone!

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Rocky and Antoine are still in hiding – from the law. And the stark irony is – once they were
the law. Following a bloody conflict with their corrupt police colleagues, both get their
hands on documents that could expose those at the higher levels and give them back their
previous lives. But the question is – who to trust?

When the roots of lies, deceit, and corruption gradually lead them towards those in power
which they once thought were on their side and there are hidden assailants at every nook
and corner, how would they measure their next move on their real-life like chessboard?
With limited cash and their faces plastered all over the media as prime suspects for two
police murders, the options for both detectives are constricting by the second. Any wrong
turn would prove lethal, particularly when those in power know everything about the
detectives’ families.

Hood Politics II book deals with a riveting series of events following the first part of the
urban fiction series. This book can be purchased as an eBook or a paperback version. It can
also be bought as a paperback bundle, including the first part of this series of African
American fiction books.

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