Hood Politics II Paperback

Hood Politics II Paperback


Continue the story with Rocky and Antoine, a pair of hard-boiled homicide detectives who grew up on the rough streets of Philadelphia, are assigned to investigate the shooting death of a mid-level drug-dealer in North Philadelphia.

It’s politics as usual, but who will be left standing when the smoke clears? Here’s part two of the Hood Politics saga, a gritty, all-too-real crime-novel by Jermaine Crews and J. Cerrone!

The chase is on. Rocky and Antoine are still on the run, but they’ve got something vital
secret papers with them. After a deadly fight with two cops – both have obtained evidence
that could take down those at higher levels in the society. With a hope of getting back their
previous lives, the detectives must keep moving forward, but very cautiously. Because now
they are wanted fugitives fleeing for their lives against an onslaught of cops determined not
only to track them down – but also make sure what was taken doesn’t get out!
Rocky and Antoine are in a race against time, with the threat of their own deaths looming
over them as they try to navigate their steps through a network where lies, bullets, death,
and corruption are prevalent. The pressure is mounting as they become media headlines for
killing two cops. The demands from above for their blood escalates as they move through an
enemy-infested environment with limited cash. Will it be too late for not only themselves
but also their loved ones?
The repercussions from any mistakes could prove devastating in this urban fiction played
out on society’s most finite resource – time!

One of the most thrilling books to read, paperback and eBook formats can be availed for the
black author’s books. If you want to buy both parts collectively, you can purchase a
paperback bundle.


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