Hood Politics Paperback Bundle

Hood Politics Paperback Bundle


Read the first two installments in the “Hood Politics” series together! Paperback copies of “Hood Politics” and “Hood Politics II” by J. Cerrone and Jermaine Crews, bundled together at a discounted price. Typically $24.99 (US) per book, this bundle is priced at $39.95 (US) – a $5.00 savings on “The Ultimate in Urban Literature!” Order your copies today!

Hood Politics Paperback Bundle

A simple date takes a turn for the worst as Yolanda – a young mother, becomes the key witness to the murder of a drug dealer on the streets of North Philadelphia. But there’s more to what meets the eye. Not just another turf war, how would Rocky and Antoine, two detectives investigating the case, find the truth – particularly when political authorities and police officials are at the core of the corruption network?

Will they back out? Or will they battle out those holding strong positions in the government? What follows is a suspense-filled thrill ride into the inner working and intertwining of drug dealings, politics, and law. And when these three factors combine, loyalties and relationships are questioned, loved ones are separated, and black men are slain.

The second installment of the Hood Politics books online is just as action-packed, with crooked cops and government officials gunning for the detectives. The story follows their experiences in hiding while uncovering secret plans that could topple an entire political empire built on corruption!

Both these urban books can be purchased as a paperback. These Felony books are also available separately, with the first part in eBook and softcover formats and the second part in eBook and Paperback formats.



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