Illegal Life: A North Story – Reloaded (Softcover)

Illegal Life: A North Story – Reloaded (Softcover)


This gripping crime thriller is the debut release from J. Cerrone and Paper-Chase Publications! Now “Reloaded” with TWO NEW CHAPTERS!!!

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Welcome to the underworld of North Philadelphia. Immerse yourself in a world of hustlers, conspiring stick-up kids, shady young women, illegal stash-houses and corrupt cops.

Where killers cross paths and snitches die. Follow the lives of two young coke-dealers; parallel to the lives of two reckless stick-up artists as they strive to succeed in an unforgiving world of drug-dealers, gun-runners and cutthroats.

They lead an illegal life in North Philadelphia. They may or may not regret the lives that they lead; but you definitely will not regret reading the book, ‘Illegal Life: A North Philly Story.’ By J. Cerrone.

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