Illegal Life: A North Story - Reloaded (Softcover)

Illegal Life: A North Story – Reloaded (Softcover)


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Welcome to the underworld of North Philadelphia. Immerse yourself in a world of hustlers, conspiring stick-up kids, shady young women, illegal stash-houses and corrupt cops.

Where killers cross paths and snitches die. Follow the lives of two young coke-dealers; parallel to the lives of two reckless stick-up artists as they strive to succeed in an unforgiving world of drug-dealers, gun-runners and cutthroats.

They lead an illegal life in North Philadelphia. They may or may not regret the lives that they lead; but you definitely will not regret reading the book, ‘Illegal Life: A North Philly Story.’ By J. Cerrone.

Now “Reloaded” with TWO NEW CHAPTERS!!!

The world of North Philadelphia is a dirty, dangerous place where you can never be too careful. The streets are filled with criminals and cops alike who have their own agendas–a society all its own that will leave your heart racing in anticipation for more until the very end!

Two young black coke dealers and two stick-up artists make their way through a world where they can be killed for what words or actions imperil anyone involved – even just by association–a circumstance that has never been more treacherous. 

They have been surviving for years on the wrong side of a gun and bullet, but living an illegal life means being on duty for anything at any given moment. What follows in this talented black authors’ book will have you glued to the novel desperately wanting to know the answer to just one question – what will happen next?

These African American fiction books offer many formats to choose from, including an eBook and softcover. The urban fiction with the second installment of a series can be bought as separate book to read or bundled together (both in paperback formats) for sale at an affordable price – perfect if you want more than just one book!

1 review for Illegal Life: A North Story – Reloaded (Softcover)

  1. Audra Russell

    Wow. This book grabbed hold of me from the first page and didn’t turn me loose until the last. Illegal Life: A North Philly Story is a street lit novel that tells the dangers of being a drug dealer in heartbreaking detail. It doesn’t glamorize the money aspect at all. It shows that yes, you can make money selling drugs, but that money comes with its own very high price tag that always — ALWAYS — ends one of two ways: jail or death.

    The author also magnificently paints the grim picture of how young black men get trapped into the vicious cycle of dealing, how the lifestyle always has you looking over your shoulder, and how living under that kind of pressure causes paranoia and mistrust that eat at the fabric of your relationships. It shows how getting into that life is a blinding trap that convinces many young men to throw away their talent and choose short-term money over delayed gratification.

    It shows how young boys who don’t have good, strong male role models fall prey to shady characters who entice them into the game by solving their immediate problems with a wad of cash, and the young boys, with the weight of being the man of the house and providing for their families on their teenage shoulders, get suckered into a game they cannot possibly win.

    It shows how mothers left to raise children on their own, with bills piling sky high, and minimum wage jobs that don’t even begin to make ends meet, while not condoning their sons behaviors, accept it because it helps them to survive.

    This book is gritty and heartfelt and shows how Will, Pop, Cannon, CeCe, Stacy, Veronica and Jasiel and Jose try to navigate street life in North Philly. All of them teenagers and all of them having to make impossible choices with outcomes that propagate generational cycles of poverty and crime.

    A very moving book that pleads with anyone who may be facing similar situations to see that choosing an illegal life never has a good outcome.

    I haven’t read a book this hard-hitting and real since I read the late Donald Goines many years ago. J. Cerrone definitely gives Goines a run for his money. In fact, I may go back and re-read Goines to do a side-by-side comparison.

    This book is definitely worth your time. I read it in one sitting!

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