Illegal Life II: Carl’s Revenge – EBOOK

Illegal Life II: Carl’s Revenge – EBOOK


Carl Bonner, younger brother of Tiny’s former protégé, Will, reluctantly joins the “family business” after gun-violence suddenly claims the lives of young men from both Carl and Tiny’s families. Although deeply troubled and still seeking closure, Carl matures into a respected earner and feared soldier.

Eventually, the young man’s prosperous, illegal life turns to mayhem as he becomes addicted to prescription opioids. Carl and his boss, Tiny, are then drawn into a bloody vendetta after two masked Jamaicans violate the men by invading Tiny’s stash-house. During the course of the violent conflict, new information is revealed to Carl regarding his family’s history.

This knowledge causes the young man to reconsider his loyalty and entire way of life. Who can Carl trust in his mission to survive and prosper in North Philadelphia’s treacherous underworld? Will Carl continue down the same path of drug-trafficking, violence, genocide and self-destruction his older brother followed? Continue your dangerous and enlightening journey through the hazardous back-blocks and alleyways North of City Hall. Read “Illegal Life II: Carl’s Revenge,” the second installment in the “Illegal Life” trilogy, today!

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Will Bonner’s younger brother Carl becomes an earner for his family in North Philadelphia’s
illegal business network. He has trouble finding closure after he faced loss due to gun
violence in the past. Tiny, a drug dealer who had done business with Will, had also lost
family in the same incident. Carl matures into a respected soldier but is still looking for
answers when prescription opioids put him on a path to addiction that leaves carnage
behind it as nothing else could do. Soon enough, after a feud with Tiny, sensitive family
history information reaches Carl, threatening to topple his belief system.

Will Carl follow in his brother’s footsteps? The dangers of his old neighborhood are still
lurking in the back alleys and gang-infested streets where drugs flow like water past broken
porches with missing planks on top, where bullets fly relentlessly at any moment because
there is no safe place for anyone without privilege or protection. But now that the young
man knows about his past, how will he proceed?

The book deals with an exciting continuation of Will’s story. The urban fiction can be
purchased as an eBook or paperback version and comes with the first part of these African
American fiction books in one bundle.

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