"Illegal Life" Paperback Bundle

“Illegal Life” Paperback Bundle


Read the first two installments in the “Illegal Life” Series together! Paperback copies of “Illegal Life: A North Philly Story – Reloaded” and “Illegal Life II: Carl’s Revenge” by J. Cerrone, bundled together at a discounted price. Typically $20.00 (US) per book, this bundle is priced at $35.00 (US) – a $5.00 savings on “The Ultimate in Urban Literature!” Order your copies today!

Take a trip into the dark and dangerous world of North Philadelphia. Immerse yourself in this urban fantasy where hustlers, conspirators, shady young women & illegal stash house owners. These are just some of the characters you’ll meet on your journey to witness their lives unfold before them as they struggle for success against an unforgiving environment filled with drug dealers, guns, and cut-throats.

Two young black coke dealers and two stick-up artists pave their path with perils at every turn. These are the streets where they are never sure who might be on their side until it’s too late. They’re not safe just because someone else has bought into the game that will kill for money!

The second part of one of the best urban books pulls us into how Carl, Will’s younger brother, joins the illegal life. During a robbery, sensitive family history is revealed, which shakes the young man’s principles and raises major red flags and trust issues in his relationships. Will he continue his illegal life in North Philadelphia’s underworld, or will he seek a way out?

You can purchase this urban fiction in both eBook and softcover formats, with another option being to buy it as a bundle. The bundle includes two books to read – the first and the second part.



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