Prodigal Son - EBOOK

Prodigal Son – EBOOK


Yin and Yang…Good versus Evil… Right versus wrong… Pure versus Corrupt… Righteous versus Unrighteous… Suburbs versus Slums… Black versus White… Mania versus Depression… Jackson Cyrus Simmons was trained to believe all scenarios in life should be viewed through this rigid perspective. As he grows older and matures, he learns this is not always the case. What is a young man, who is “naturally-corrupt-from-the-womb” to do?

Grow with Jackson and watch as this young, melanated man’s life-story unfolds in “The Prodigal Son: Book One.” After decades in the making; this relatable, raw, unfiltered saga is the first installment of the “Prodigal Son” series, an urban coming-of-age story based on true events.

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For the man who was raised to believe all scenarios in life should be viewed through a rigid
perspective, this is not always true as he grows up and matures. Young men like Jackson
Cyrus Simmons learn that there are many other ways to look at things than just good versus
evil or right versus wrong. As time goes on with his journey into adulthood – surrounded by
corruption and confusion from birth but still trying to find himself – what will become of

Despite having been ‘naturally corrupt from the womb,’ Jackson tries to be a ‘good’ son
growing up. He wants to follow his father’s religion and act like his elders advise him to.
However, he also finds himself attracted by money, drug dealers and their shiny cars, and
older women. He also notices his elders doing the exact opposite of what they preached.

A very personal family loss becomes the turning point in his life, where and when he finally
decides to stop growing on others’ terms and conditions and live life as he thinks right. This
is when his journey into the world of underworld gangs, illicit drugs, women, and fights
actually begins.

The book deals with the events in the young black man’s life unfolding in a very relatable
and unfiltered urban fiction but based on true events story. Available for purchase are the
eBook and softcover formats. A riveting story, this is one of the top must-read books to be
included in your checklist.

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