Suicide Tuesday Softcover

Suicide Tuesday Softcover


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“Suicide Tuesday” takes place during the course of a single weekend and examines the events in one young man’s life as he drowns in his new addiction to strange women, highly-impulsive, adrenaline-chasing behavior and over-indulgence in the popular crystalline substance known as “molly.”

1 review for Suicide Tuesday Softcover

  1. Audra Russell

    You know how they say a person who reads lives a thousand lives? Yeah, I just lived one life that had my head spinning.

    Raheem was a newlywed with a newborn baby girl. They were having some money issues and his wife convinced him that moving in with his parents would be good for them. Things were stressful, his parents were always on his back. His wife always took THEIR side. He was working hard and trying to be a good husband, but his manhood was constantly under attack.

    One night after an explosive argument with his parents where his wife once again didn’t come to his defense, Raheem packed a bag and stormed out of the house. While walking the street wondering where he would lay his head for the night, he ran into his neighbor’s daughter, who he had been secretly admiring for a year. She was having troubles, too, with her drug-dealing boyfriend.

    She offered him a place to lay his head while her boyfriend was out of town. They flirted. She brought out a bag of a drug called “molly” that he had never done before and asked him if he wanted to try it. He did.

    And that’s where everything went left.

    A hard-working, loving husband becomes a drug-addicted shell of his former self in the span of a few days. I won’t say anything else because I don’t want to spoil it. All I can say is, hold on to your seat.

    Readers will be taken along on this wild ride as Raheem’s life quickly and dangerously spirals out of control. You’ll feel like your memory is failing you as some scenes end abruptly leaving you saying “wait…what?”

    And the ending? Whoa. I was literally yelling out loud “Don’t do it! You’ll regret it” and then “oh shit!” when Crystal shows up…again.

    What am I talking about? Ohhh, my friends, go read the book!

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