Supreme - Hardcover

Supreme Hardcover


Lil’ Sin was born on the first day of the new millennium in South Suffolk, Virginia, with aspirations to become the greatest man he can be. His father is a bona fide hustler, and as the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Growing up in the rough streets of Suffolk, Virginia, and Brooklyn, New York City, the young Black male sees, experiences and learns much at a young age. His traumatic childhood leads him to the conclusion that he needs to rise above his harsh environment and become supreme: the highest in degree or quality, in whatever course he decides to pursue in life. But how?

Will instability, trauma, peer pressure, attractive young women, illicit drugs, the allure of fast money, and the street life lead to Lil’ Sin’s early demise? Does the young man overcome his trials and evolve despite the madness? Lil’ Sin’s inspirational coming-of-age story is guaranteed motivation for your personal journey. Supreme: Based on a True Story contains a timely, potent, and relatable message aimed to inspire readers to strive for greatness.

Lil’ Sin is on a mission to rise above his harsh environment and become supreme: the best at whatever he decides to do in life. Will instability, trauma, peer pressure, attractive women, fast money, illicit drugs, and the street life get in his way? In this reality-based urban saga, a young Black man learns the hard way that overcoming your past is easier said than done. The streets of Suffolk and Brooklyn are tough, especially for Black teens, and Lil’ Sin grows up faster than he would like. He’s met with new obstacles that seem impossible to overcome at every turn. A staple of must-read books, this is a coming-of-age story which contains a timely, potent, and relatable message, inspiring readers from all backgrounds to strive for greatness. Written and published by a black author, Supreme: Based on a True Story is real, brave, and motivational, guaranteed to keep you turning pages until the end.


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