The Chosen Ones Ebook

The Chosen Ones Ebook


Johnny was raised in the Larchwood Public Housing projects of Southwest Philadelphia in the 1980s and 90s. All he wants to do is use his God-given intellect to become a successful businessman and escape poverty. However, it seems most people he encounters fight him tooth-and-nail in his journey to greatness.

Johnny and his cousins, Kobe and Tamir, are affected in different ways by what they experience when dealing with their relatively young, somewhat reckless caregivers. They are exposed to drugs, extreme violence and alternative forms of spirituality one minute; but are traveling and rubbing shoulders with celebrities and politicians the next.

The three boys were born with great gifts which will shape the course of their lives. Unfortunately, they also have trauma to bear, some of which they are subjected to by their own Uncle Darien, who claims Johnny is his “Illuminati sacrifice.”

Will Johnny and his cousins survive their trials long enough to achieve greatness without succumbing to the dark forces surrounding them? Dive into “The Chosen Ones,” a retelling of true events, to find the answer to that question, and so much more!

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Johnny experiences a traumatic and neglected childhood mainly because of his mother being addicted to drugs. Johnny’s childhood was filled with violence. He grew up in the “The Woods” or the Larchwood Public Housing Projects of Southwest Philadelphia and witnessed many acts of crime and abuse. Johnny has a dream to be successful and escape poverty, but it seems most people only wish him harm. They try their best to stop him in his journey for greatness. He wants to become a great businessman with the opportunity of getting out from under this unfortunate circumstance. His drive for success makes him determined despite all odds being against him.

Johnny, along with two of his cousins, namely Tamir and Kobe, faces abuse and carelessness in their upbringings by their caretakers. Though their experiences differed, the abuse and traumatic childhood were there. They were subjected to and lived through some heavy stuff. For instance, in some moments, they went through high levels of violence, drugs, and strange spiritualities, while in other moments, they stood, spoke, and laughed with celebrities and politicians. 

How will the three young boys maneuver through this madness in their lives? Find out in one of the most riveting must-read books of all time. Based on true events, the book deals with tragedy, conspiracies, and life lessons. You can avail the books online in different formats, including eBook and hardcover.

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