The Chosen Ones Softcover

The Chosen Ones Softcover


Johnny was raised in the Larchwood Public Housing projects of Southwest Philadelphia in the 1980s and 90s. All he wants to do is use his God-given intellect to become a successful businessman and escape poverty. However, it seems most people he encounters fight him tooth-and-nail in his journey to greatness.

Johnny and his cousins, Kobe and Tamir, are affected in different ways by what they experience when dealing with their relatively young, somewhat reckless caregivers. They are exposed to drugs, extreme violence and alternative forms of spirituality one minute; but are traveling and rubbing shoulders with celebrities and politicians the next.

The three boys were born with great gifts which will shape the course of their lives. Unfortunately, they also have trauma to bear, some of which they are subjected to by their own Uncle Darien, who claims Johnny is his “Illuminati sacrifice.”

Will Johnny and his cousins survive their trials long enough to achieve greatness without succumbing to the dark forces surrounding them? Dive into “The Chosen Ones,” a retelling of true events, to find the answer to that question, and so much more!

Johnny’s life was a living hell. He grew up in the “The Woods” or Larchwood Public Housing Projects of Southwest Philadelphia. He experienced many acts of crime and abuse from both adults and other children who lived there with them during that period. Johnny wanted nothing more than to be successful enough financially where poverty wouldn’t hold him back any longer. But people are trying extremely hard to hold him back by opposing his journey towards greatness.

Johnny, and his cousins, Kobe and Tamir, faced abuse and neglect in their upbringings by way of caretakers. Though their experiences varied, the adversity was still there for all three to experience at some point or another during their childhood years. They were exposed to high levels of violence, drugs, and Illuminati-type spirituality in one moment while standing beside celebrities/politicians in the next moment.

One of the best Black authors’ books, you need to read this real-life urban fiction if you are a fan of captivating tales exploring the darker side. The three young boys will be in your thoughts long after they’ve left off their adventures, as these characters deal with tragedy and conspiracies while also learning life lessons through all sorts of mayhem! You can purchase the books online here – eBook or hardcover formats are available depending on preference.

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The Chosen Ones


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