The Prodigal Son: Book One - Softcover

The Prodigal Son: Book One – Softcover


Yin and Yang…Good versus Evil… Right versus wrong… Pure versus Corrupt… Righteous versus Unrighteous… Suburbs versus Slums… Black versus White… Mania versus Depression… Jackson Cyrus Simmons was trained to believe all scenarios in life should be viewed through this rigid perspective. As he grows older and matures, he learns this is not always the case. What is a young man, who is “naturally-corrupt-from-the-womb” to do?

Grow with Jackson and watch as this young, melanated man’s life-story unfolds in “The Prodigal Son: Book One.” After decades in the making; this relatable, raw, unfiltered saga is the first installment of the “Prodigal Son” series, an urban coming-of-age story based on true events.

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Jackson’s life was a rollercoaster of trauma, emotions, beliefs, and expectations. He was
raised in a world where he learned there were only two sides, good vs. evil and right vs.
wrong, but this didn’t resonate with him even at an early age. As more complex views on
approaching situations developed from watching elders interacting with each other, Jackson
found himself drawn towards these complexities instead because it felt like something more
was to become of him, except for the same ‘good son.’

When he was a little boy, Jackson tried to be good. He wanted to follow his father’s religion
and did what they said without question or complaint despite being “naturally corrupt from
birth.” But then, one day, something happened that changed everything: he lost someone
very dear to him.

That is when Jax decided to live life his own way. This is where his foray into drug dealing,
women, and earning fast cash began.

The book is one of the most eloquent and captivating books to read, dealing with the events
in a young black man’s life unfolding on a very relatable level. This urban fiction is also based
on true events, and you can be sure to find it compelling from page to page. Available in
softcover and eBook formats, one of the choicest urban books will keep you hooked till the


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